1. Arctic Design Intensive Enterprise of the Year 

• boldly and open-mindedly utilises design in its operations and has adopted the Arctic as being part of its commercial activities
• a product or service that represents innovative design
• a product or service that has social, commercial or environmental significance
• a product or service that has export potential

2. Arctic Design Student of the Year

• the expertise of the student has produced new and special insights into design sectors (concepts, products, exhibitions, ways of working)
• the attitude and actions of the student advances design in the area
• commercialisation potential, promotes entrepreneurship


3. Arctic Design Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to someone:
• who has promoted design in a unique way (teaching design, research, entrepreneurship or professional expertise)
• whose expertise stands out from contemporary production or activity and achieved an increased awareness of design
• who is an example of design in the area
• whose input has particularly focused on Lapland or Arctic design