Environmental Predge


In Arctic Design Week activities, responsibility is the main theme and value that directs the production of content. Arctic Design Week wants to help the Arctic region to achieve success, which is why we want to promote sustainable development and business that is implemented in an ethical way.  ADW wants to promote the emergence of responsible brands and takes responsibility for social, economic, environmental and cultural impacts. 

This environmental pledge adheres to responsible and sustainable practices in our operations, based on measurable responsibility objectives. Through environmental certification, we are committed to taking better account of our environmental responsibility and the values and practices of sustainable development in our operations. We are committed to determining the carbon footprint of our event and compensating for it, for the good of northern nature. 

We have decided to raise the principles of sustainable development into our strategy and policies. We also encourage our customers and partners to do the same. We also take more account of our ambitious environmental promises in our software and communications. 

We are committed to minimising our waste through paperless events, improving recycling, maximising the reuse of materials, and organising recycling points at different event locations, in line with our environmental pledge. In our purchases, we commit ourselves to choosing high-quality, environmentally certified products and services, recycled materials and purchasing local services and products whenever possible. We encourage our partners to do the same. We encourage our suppliers, customers and independent travellers to use public transport locally, produce software to make accessibility possible by public transport and by placing key functions in the town centre area. 

We are committed to familiarising our partners, subcontractors and programme producers with our environmental values and commitments, so that they commit themselves to the Arctic Design Week’s environmental program.

We will update our environmental pledge with management and key actors.

The endangered Arctic Snowy Owl belongs to the sensitive ecosystem of the Arctic. This beautiful migratory owl is the symbol for the Arctic Design week, the world’s northernmost design event. It conveys the message of wise and responsible Arctic design that appreciates practicality.


Advisory Board, 6 October 2021