Design Shops in Rovaniemi


The events of the Arctic Design Week are mainly located in the Rovaniemi town centre. For our visitors, we have compiled a list of unique Design Shops in Rovaniemi below with contact details. You will find a wide range of practical and gift items made in Finland and Lapland that you can either enjoy yourself or give as gifts for friends and family.


As the capital of Lapland and a popular international travel destination, Rovaniemi offers great shopping opportunities. Several original gift shops, handicrafts and service boutiques are located in the town centre and the surrounding districts. These design outlets represent high-quality design from Finland and the northern regions with design products and their makers. You can also easily find the online stores for these design companies on this site.

Arctic Design Shop – Hot Design from the Arctic

Arctic Design Shop proudly represents local designers from Finland, and unique work by talented Art– and Design students from University of Lapland.

From Arctic Design Shop you can find fine art, trendy jewellery, local souvenirs and –fashion.

We are situated in Kauppayhtiö-building, which has stood here from 1920. From the love for our historic building, we want to keep its spirit alive by focusing especially local products and wonderful, arctic designers.

You are warmly welcome to visit us.



Arktikum Shop

High-quality Lappish products. Bring joy to yourself, your friends and business partners with our selection of high-quality gifts and souvenirs. Located adjecent to the admission desk, our shop is chock-full of Lappish handicrafts, design products, jewellery and books that are sure to please everyone on your list. We have carefully selected the products in our shop to reflect the spirit and heart of Lapland and the north;  ensuring that selections will be the most authentic and genuine gifts and souvenirs possible.

Ester Visual

ESTER VISUAL creates the Nordic soul landscape through art and interior design. Their products combine an expression of rich visual components with Scandinavian clarity. 


The selection includes posters, cards, stationery and picturesque serving trays for the kitchen. All products are produced responsibly – the majority of them are locally sourced.


The creator of Ester Visual is artist and entrepreneur, Elisa Ahonen. She obtained her Master’s in Art from the University of Lapland. Elisa believes that observing nature helps cultivating contentment in life.



Laajakaista 3

+358 40 594 6675

Instagram: @estervisual


Katijuu Arctic Leather&Fur 

Uniquely designed handmade fur and leather products from Lapland, Finland.

Katijuu leather and fur garments are unique pieces of clothing for men, women and children designed and made by hand in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

Katijuu products reflect values that I hold dear – they are eco-friendly, genuine and traditional. I prefer using local fur and leather for my garments for ecological reasons. Fur and leather are also warm, windproof and breathable. They stand the test of time and are easy to repair if needed. I focus on quality and durability, without compromising style: Katijuu garments stand out with their boisterous designs.  

(Katijuu shop and atelier in the beautiful little village of Juotas is the best place to get a close look at my garments and accessories as well as the natural materials and my working methods. Juotas lies 65 kilometres along the river Kemijoki from Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland – you’re more than welcome for a visit! )

Kati Juujärvi +358 4O 5135 47O

Katijuu Shop & Ateljee Opinkuja 17 97650 Juotas Lapland, Finland

Shop online



Kinos Design – Arctic Couture & Home Decor

Kinos Design is an arctic lifestyle company from Rovaniemi.  Kinos Design makes accessories, jewelry and home decor items cherissing domestic production, high quality and pure materials. Long-lasting, wear- and time-resistant products are the starting point for production, app. 80% of the products are made in Rovaniemi. The name Kinos comes both from the name of the designer and as a reference to the pure nature of Lapland, which is the greatest source of inspiration in the product design. Behind the brand is Fashion Designer (MA) Kirsi Nordberg.

Kinos Design Oy

Kirsi Nordberg


Tel. +358-443775007

Korundi Shop

Northern Style from Korundi Shop. Our shop offers a charming selection of arctic art and design. The high-quality local products make unique gifts and souvenirs. We serve custormers during Korundi opening hours as well as on concert and event nights.


Decorative & Artistic  Handicrafts A.Kangasniemi

We make a variety of utensils and decorative items from natural materials, which you can buy from our workshop for your own enjoyment, or as a Lappish gift. We manufacture traditonal Lappish knives, drums, spoons, salt cellars and sugar bowls, and jewellery.

We prefer to use renewable natural materials in our handicrafts: reindeer antler ans leather, bark, silver pine and burl. Pur principle material is reindeer antler, which has long been a traditional raw material that has been utilised ub the north for decades. Our wide range of products will definitely mean you will find a really nice souvenir.


Address: Ounasjoen itäpuolentie 925

96900 Saarenkylä


Lauri House

In the LAURI handicraft shop you can buy traditional gifts and handicrafts, true pieces of art made on the spot in our own workshop, which you can visit, too.

Back in 1924, goldsmith Johannes Lauri opened his small factory for handmade knives on, and today this is the oldest handicraft business in Rovaniemi and Finnish Lapland.

We care about our own Sámi  ancestors, most of the objects are typical Sámi art, they all are handmade, made from renewable natural materials and unique.

The LAURI log houses are a piece of history in city center of Rovaniemi, this is one of the only places in the city center where you can explore old Finnish architecture.

Shop open:
Mon-Fri 9-17 


Phone: +358 44 706 0060

Address: Pohjolankatu 25

96100 Rovaniemi 




Mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN is a shop selling Finnish brands for allready twelve years. Our range includes a good choice of jewelry and accessories, but also other design products, from both local and domestic responsible small design companies. All products in our range are purely Finnish – designed, but also made in Finland.

Mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN is also a retailer of Taigakoru. Taigakoru’s shop-in-shop-type jewelry store is operating in the same space. Taigakoru is almost a 40 years old Lappish goldsmiths workshop, whose jewelry are based on Lapland’s nature and culture.

The entrepreneur of Mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN is designer MA Irma Annanpalo-Tuisku, who also designs wooden jewelery under the Mainoa DESIGN brand.

Mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN is a local Likiliike and is located in the shopping center Rinteenkulma right in the heart of the city center.


Shopping center Rinteenkulma Koskikatu 25, Rovaniemi



Founded in 1951 by the visionary Armi Ratia, Marimekko is a Finnish lifestyle design house renowned worldwide for its art of printmaking. Marimekko offers timeless, functional and long-lasting products that will bring joy for generations to come. 

Step into the world of Marimekko and get inspired by of-the-moment styles, beautiful bags and accessories, and a cheerful home collection.  

Opening hours

Weekdays 10-19

Saturday 10-17

Sunday 12-16

We are also happy to serve you in our web store at 



Since 1928, Marttiini has designed and manufactured beautiful and practical knives that are sharp, functional and durable. The legendary blades and handles are a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship heritage, with uncompromising quality that Marttiini is known for. The knives use natural materials such as birch, leather and reindeer antler bone.

Marttiini Old Factory brand store is located in the original location of the knife factory. This historical building is recognized as an important part of architecture and urban landscape of Rovaniemi. In the store you can also get acquainted with the history of knife making and see the exhibition of old knives.


Marttiini Old Factory Brand Store,

Vartiokatu 3, 96200 Rovaniemi 



The Pilke House is a masterpiece of Finnish architecture that is an office building, a science center and a design shop all in one. It is worth a visit for any design, forest, wood and science enthusiast.

 Pilke House invites you to see the forest like you´ve never seen it before. The building as an office for Metsähallitus, a state-owned enterprise that manages and protects state-owned land and water areas, is an example of top expertise in ecological wood construction. The Science Center tells stories about the northern forests and the many connections people have with them. Pilke Shop continues to showcase the various qualities and possibilities of our forests and brings the experiences for all the senses – fruits of the forest can be seen, smelled, tasted and touched.

Address: Ounasjoentie 6, 96200 Rovaniemi

Tel: +358 20 639 7820


Mariela Pokka

Mariela Pokka is the genius behind the revolutionary Scandinavian luxury fashion brand made from the most exclusive leather in the world, reindeer leather. Mariela pioneered the use of combining decadent reindeer leather alongside other fabrics and materials, creating unique and sophisticated designs for the modern woman. The brand celebrates eco-luxury from nature. The unique approach of creating luxury garments from reindeer leather evolves from a place of tradition and history and Mariela Pokka pays respects to this heritage. The brand never stays far from the cultural values of reindeer husbandry. It supports this socially livelihood, helping the indigenous people of the north to build lives and earn from land they love. Mariela Pokka’s brands has been part of Fashion Week in Montecarlo and New York.

Oikku Design

Oikku Design is a one woman design company from Lapland founded in 2018. Oikku Design jewellery collection originated first of all from the love for handmade items and reindeer leather. The idea of the jewellery is to bring up the best features of reindeer leather – softness and lightness. 

The inspiration for the jewellery come from the northern nature, the changing seasons and beautiful vivid colors. Shape of the jewellery resembles e.g. dwarf birch leaves or berry bunches. 

Each jewel is handmade with love in Rovaniemi. Oikku Design jewellery collection is granted with Design from Finland mark.

Riikka Oikarainen



taito shop

Craft = happiness.

Taito Shop Rovaniemi offers high-quality crafts products as well as materials or equipment for crafts projects.

Our Craft Centres in Rovaniemi and Pello offer ready warps in looms. You can weave accessories and home textiles according to the warp supply. We organize various handicraft short courses throughout the year. Come along alone or with a friend. We organize customized courses on request.

Address: Taito Lappi, Pohjolankatu 4, 96100 Rovaniemi


Tel: +358 – 40 680 0101



Valkko is a Finnish brand store that serves at the heart of Rovaniemi and worldwide at The selection include a wide range of products such as gifts, jewellery, watches, interior and art products, children’s and adult’s clothing and accessories.

Valkko is a completely Rovaniemi-based company and locality stands high in our values. As an indication to this, we proudly belong to Likiliike community, which promotes active business life in Rovaniemi. We invest in locality as much as possible in both product selection and all of our operations.

Our main idea is to offer only products designed in Finland. Today, Finnish design is of high quality and valued in the world, so it is no wonder that the products are loved by a variety of people!

We warmly welcome you to Valkko to get delighted by carefully selected, high-quality Finnish design products!