What is Arctic Design Week?

The world’s northernmost forum of design and influential people, and town festival

The task of Arctic Design Week is to promote northern design expertise and business, while inspiring designers, students, scientists and artists. Arctic Design Week enlivens town culture with local characteristics.

Already organised for the 12th time focusing on Arctic design, we are developing Arctic Design Week in line with international concepts to serve business life and townspeople even better than before, creating a commercial venue and get-together event that promotes responsibility of design buyers, sellers, developers and customers alike.

“Design is the power of significant change and enhanced success. This is why the Arctic Design Week concept serves enterprises and communities in creating sustainable and responsible success stories”, tells Arctic Design Week’s new producer, Taina Torvela.

ReCreate – the theme for the coming Arctic Design Week 2020 focuses on the most recent business research findings for sustainable and responsible design, and the most successful business ideas. The main theme of the event revolves around the internationally significant and ethical theme “ReCreate”. The principal focus of the theme is sustainable design. The theme represents is a logical continuity for the Arctic town, as Rovaniemi has been chosen as one of the pioneering towns for the circular economy.

Mission: Success for Arctic design

Arctic Design Week’s service task is to profile and promote the experts, specialists and regions of Arctic design.


Arctic Design Week’s vision is to expand and develop itself as the most prominent forum in the Arctic region for influential people and design, and as a trade-promoting Design Expo.

Arktista vimmaa town festival

From now on, the programme for Arctic Design Week includes even more programmes organised by cultural actors. Programme contents are intended for appealing to both Finnish and foreign visitors, and registration for Arctic Design Week programmes has been made easy via, for instance, the local hotels.



Arctic Design Week operates by actively highlighting modern themes of responsibility and inspiring discussion. When there is a need for societal and communal deeds, Arctic Design Week brings these issues up for public discussion.


Arctic Design Week is an arena for strengthening the Arctic ecosystem, renowned and appealing Arctic expertise, science, art and research.

ÄÄRI arctic design Expo 2020


Arctic Design Week is the commercial venue for the Arctic region: a sales and trade fair event for exquisite Arctic region products and services. ÄÄRI Arctic Design Expo organises the spectacular Fashion Show and Arctic Launching Stage for showcasing high-quality products and services.

ÄÄRI Expo’s producer is Pohjois-Suomen Messut. If you are interested in being an exhibitor, more information can be found online at pohjoisuomenmessut.fi


The design competitions of Arctic Design Week provide enterprises the opportunity to utilise the expertise of design experts and students in promoting the competitiveness of enterprises.

The Award Night event reveals the Arctic Design Enterprise of the Year 2020, Designer Enterprise of the Year 2020, Arctic Design Student of the Year 2020, and Responsible Restaurant of the Year 2020. The Arctic Design Lifetime Achievement award is awarded for assiduous and pioneering work where design takes central stage.


The programme content for Arctic Design Week has been made easy for domestic and foreign visitors to purchase and experience.


Arctic Design Week is an active initiator and maintainer of active discussion in the design sector. Throughout the year, ADW challenges different organisations and enterprises to highlight their design solutions.

Part of the World Design Weeks network

Established in 2009, Arctic Design Week is the world’s northernmost design event of the global World Design Weeks network.