Design Awards

Arctic Design Awards

Arctic Design Awards

International design competitions for promoting the
competitive status of enterprises

The design competitions of Arctic Design Week provide enterprises the opportunity to utilise the expertise of design experts and students in promoting the competitiveness of enterprises.

The Canadian company BRP Inc. organised its International Design Competition for the design students in the Arctic regions during Arctic Design Week. The competition results will be announced and prizes awarded at the 2023 Arctic Design Award Night event.  

The Award Night event also sees the awards given for Arctic Design Business of the Year 2023 and the Arctic Design Student of the Year 2023. The Arctic Design Lifetime Achievement award is awarded for assiduous and pioneering work where design takes central stage.

International Industrial Design Competition

The first BRP Design Competition was launched in 2011 and this competition is the fourth in line and now reaches out to six different design schools around the world (Finland, Denmark, the USA and Canada). The winner of the competition will be awarded paid apprenticeship of 4–6 months at BRP’s state-of-the-art Design & Innovation Centre in Canada.

The aim of this year’s competition is to encourage students to seek and create new opportunities for sustainable mobility in areas where climatic conditions in the northern regions pose mobility challenges. The students are given the task of creating an appealing, electrically-powered, safe vehicle, suitable for urban environments for 1+1 persons for launching in 2025.

Arctic Design Enterprise of the year 2020

Arctic Queen/ Unique Design Finland Oy

ArcticQueen proclaims a revolution in clothing by patenting the Hugging collection that is hearty clothing deep-rooted in Lapland. Behind the family-run business providing sustainable and intelligent choices are Pirjo Karvonen and Juha Iisak Koivisto from Ivalo, and their next generation representative, Lumi Koivisto.



Päivi Ahola is a Master’s student at the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of Lapland, whose special focus of interest is fashion design that relates to individual body forms and sizes. Today’s mass production clothing designed for the average body rarely sit properly on anyone, with the exception of stretching clothing. A few enterprises in Finland and worldwide have experimented with technologically assisted body measurement and clothing production with varying results. The challenge can be hiding in the individuals themselves.


The Arctic Design Enterprise of the Year supports Arctic development and has boldly and open-mindedly utilised design in its activities, and internalised Arctic design as part of their business.

The prize has been awarded since the 2016 Arctic Design Week in cooperation with Senior Vice-President of Design & Innovation at BRP’s headquarters in Canada, Denys Lapointe. In 2019, the winner was chosen for the first time by votes given for the candidates selected in advance.

Vote for Arctic Design Enterprise of the Year 2020.

Arctic Design Lifetime Achievement Award

The Arctic Design Lifetime Achievement Award was first awarded in 2019 for a design professional for persistent, pioneering work in a field where design takes central stage. The winner of this award has supported northern design expertise and entrepreneurship.

Arctic Design Student of the Year

A new design competition was launched in 2019 with the intention of giving design students recognition. The prize will continue to be awarded to rising talents in design.

The prize is awarded to a student who has courageously taken a pioneering role and depicted the special characteristics of the Arctic in their designs. The winner of the award is chosen by a jury of five university lecturers from the Faculty of Art and Design.


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