Acrtic Capital


Rovaniemi is all about its small-town friendliness,
laid-back atmosphere and safe environment.
The town provides all the facilities of a modern regional capital, with a hint of international flair flowing through its streets, blending with the local way of life.

The Arctic region is a great playground for designers due to the harsh weather conditions, sparsely populated areas and challenging infrastructure. Service design, industrial design and strategic design form the core of design practices here. It is in the nature of people in the region to find solutions for, improving their way of life.

The University of Lapland, the University of Applied Sciences and the vocational education facilities all have Arctic design incorporated in their strategies. If there’s a challenge, there’s a solution; ideate, refine, test, share your thoughts with others and get involved!


People come to Rovaniemi from all over the world, some deciding to stay beyond their studies or holidays. Many come seeking tranquility, escaping hectic life in a metropolis. Others settle here to establish something new and exciting. Rovaniemi has room for fulfilling all kinds of dreams, desires and ambitions, whether in an urban or rural setting.


Rovaniemi has a vivid culture scene, brought to life by a small yet active community of creative producers as well as larger scale artistic houses. Our city’s museums, art galleries and theatre performances offer moving and fascinating experiences on a local and international level, from intimate clubs and alternative galleries to art events dedicated to children.


Alvar Aalto is one of the most famous finnish architects. He designed the reconstruction plan of Rovaniemi in 1944-1945. The reconstruction plan of Rovaniemi is concealing a puzzle picture of a reindeer: two branches of the central park are outlined as reindeer horns, two are defining reindeer’s head and one it’s back. That is why it is called “Reindeer Antler Plan”.

Buildings in Rovaniemi
designed by Alvar Aalto:
Library Building
Lappia Hall
Town Hall
Buildings for the Aho Family
Korkalorinne Residential Area


The Rovaniemi region covers an area of over 8 000 square kilometres, making it the largest city in the European Union by land area. Nature is always just around the corner.

Creativity is one of our values. We are open-minded and we appreciate continuous development. City of Rovaniemi owns the Arctic Design Capital brand.