Arctic Aha! Foorum

Hybrid Seminars


24—25 March 2022 in Arktikum & on-line

Umbrella theme Inspiring Awareness — To make participants feel that they want to, and that they can do. What? To mitigate climate change, see it rather as an opportunity for their business and for the society, not a threat. To grasp the opportunity, participants need to understand climate change better. The ultimate goal is to support businesses, societies to succeed. Success means we as a society, and businesses reach the ambitious goal of Europe being climate neutral by 2050, and we relate this to Finland’s, Lapland’s, businesses’ ambitions.

Two days, two dialogues in both days, max 120 minutes per dialogue.

After each dialogue you can continue discussions in an informal café setting on a digital platform.

Thursday 24 Mar 2022  Arktikum, Polarium Sali & on-line

12:00—13:00 FI (11:00—12:00 CET). Arctic AHA! Cafe, Kieli suomi.


13:00—14:30 FI (12:00—13:30 CET). Kieli suomi.

AHA! Dialogue 1 — Share success stories from the near. SMEs who already mitigate climate change and have made a prosperous business out of it in Lapland, or in the neighboring regions. Find unlikely successes to inspire. Share the seeds for success to inspire. 

Target group local SMEs.


15:00-16:00 FI (14:00-15:00 CET)  Arctic AHA! cafe


16:00-17:00 FI (15:00-16:00 CET)  Arctic AHA! cafe


17:00-19:00 FI (16:00-18:00 CET)


AHA! Dialogue 2 — Share success stories from Europe. Scale SMEs. Regions that one way or other can relate to Lapland. Use i.e. Interreg projects as a frame (consult Erwin Siweris). Success stories but also impact analysis. Target group SMEs in European regions and regional development agencies.


19:00-20.00 FI (18:00-19:00 CET)  Arctic AHA! cafe  


Fryday 25 Mar 2022 Arktikum, Polarium Sali & on-line

10:00-12:00 FI (09:00-10:00 CET)


Dialogue 3 — Collaborate. No collaboration, no success. Who to collaborate with. How to collaborate. Invite businesses with success on this to discuss. Invite regional developers to discuss. Use NEB as a case but not only NEB. Find success stories, analyse why collaboration does not always succeed. Elements of success. Target group kehittämisorganisaatiot regional developers, financial ? 


12:00-13:00 FI (11:00-12:00 CET)  Arctic AHA! cafe


14:00-16:00 FI (13:00-15:00 CET)


Dialogue 4 — Raise the bar. Raise the awareness of the next big questions. What should we think about next. What should we know next. Discussion on new growth defined by the economics of biodiversity. Invite biodiversity experts and experts on economy to discuss the consequences of the approach, and experts who can discuss how do we start to define and measure the value of biodiversity as an asset. Target group businesses, researchers, NEB enthusiasts. Collaborate with EU NEB team, BEDA, other key partners of NEB.

16:00-17:00 FI (15:00-16:00 CET)  Arctic AHA! cafe



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