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The Arctic design forum and city festival invites companies, cultural and event organisers, to show their best to the world during the week. We are currently compiling the programme and welcome proposals to be received by us no later than 15 December. Follow us and tell us about your high-standard content ideas.

Open Call

Open Call: suggest your event to be included in our programme

The scope of events is diverse, and now you can apply to participate. The events of the Arctic Design Week are visible as part of the larger entirety, both in marketing and during the event week itself.

We seek partners throughout the year, but now we are seeking event suggestions for the 2021 week’s programme.

If you would like your event to be incorporated in our programme, please contact Producer Taina Torvela.

Become a volunteer

Looking for something to stand out on your CV, or are you otherwise in love with design? We are seeking volunteers to assist in building the Arctic Design Week. You can now volunteer to represent the Arctic Design Week. Participating in the creation, you will gain insights into event organisation and receive experience at customer service.

Work commences before the event and lasts throughout the event week, and continues after the event, including some organisational tasks. Volunteer work is unpaid and gratuitous Volunteers are given meals in connection with their shift and a letter of reference upon completion of the assignment. (We can also discuss apprenticeship and course integration.) When applying, we hope you are enthusiastic about taking part in the event and working with others.

Some of the positions currently available are; information assistant, exhibition assistant, seminar assistant…

Apply to be a speaker

Arctic Design Week issued its open call for Keynote Speakers on 27 September 2019.  The Call for Papers response can be sent by 10 December 2019 to the event producer. The Keynote Speakers for the Arctic Design Week expert forums will be chosen on the basis of their presentations on 18 December 2019.

The Call for Papers can be found from the link below.

For companies

Arctic Design Week offers enterprises and actors influential arenas for highlighting new products and services, themed events related to sales promotion, and Open Doors events. All programmes that support values according to the principal theme of the event will be actively marketed as part of the ADW programme.

Arctic Kitchen – ethically tasty experiences

We are now creating the tasty experiences concept as a permanent part of the ADW Festival Programme: Arctic Kitchen.

If you are a professional in cuisine, this invitation is for you!

Are you ready to shape local Arctic flavours for the coming Arctic Design Week event? According to the theme of responsibility, would you like to demonstrate an ethically and ecologically functioning restaurant culture for visitors and townspeople alike? At the same time, a competition will be held for the most ethical restaurant, who will receive a lot of valuable publicity through our media partners.


Customers value ecological solutions and local food. Does your company and kitchen have ethical and ecological values? Values that are demonstrated in the use of local ingredients, less wastage and recycling. These very same values lie at the core of Arctic design. It is for this reason that we wish to promote flavoursome local offerings in line with these values by highlighting these in the Arctic Design Week programme.