Rovaniemi is the world’s Arctic Design Capital®

As part of its Arctic Capital strategy, the City of Rovaniemi has registered the trademark Arctic Design Capital® in the European Union, as well as in China, Japan, South Korea, and the Russian Federation.  Rovaniemi is an active member of national and international cooperative networks that focus on the Arctic.

 “Rovaniemi has been recognised as one of the centres of Finland’s National Design Programme, where the Lapland University Consortium and the Arctic Centre operate. Arctic Design is part of the National Arctic Strategy”, says mayor Ulla-Kirsikka Vainio.

 Rovaniemi is an inspiring Arctic city. Despite the Arctic conditions, smart design makes Rovaniemi a functional and vibrant city all year round. The City of Rovaniemi has accumulated significant experience in urban planning, spatial planning and architecture, snow management, winter technology and transport, and urban culture in Arctic conditions.


Responsibility, design, and the Arctic are combined in the Arctic Design Week

The world’s northernmost design week, Arctic Design Week is organised in Rovaniemi annually in March.  The task of Arctic Design Week is to highlight the topic of news and phenomena that contribute to the success of the Arctic through design. The mission is success for responsible Arctic design. Arctic Design Week wants to invest in partnership with international companies sharing the same core themes: responsibility, design, and the Arctic. Arctic Design Week belongs to the World Design Weeks network.

The Arctic is warming four times faster than the Earth’s average. The impacts of this change are widespread. Expectations are focused on Arctic design. Its role is to support the sustainable development of the Arctic, which takes into account its demanding conditions, respects the diversity of its sensitive nature, and improves the quality of life of its inhabitants.

“Arctic Design Week operates by actively highlighting modern themes of responsibility and initiating discussion. When there is a need for societal and communal actions, Arctic Design Week brings these issues up for public discussion”, says Design Manager Taina Torvela from Business Rovaniemi.

Using the environmental management system that was commissioned in 2022, Arctic Design Week has formulated its environmental objectives and defined an environmental commitment that governs operations. 

The 15th International Arctic Design Week is organised in Rovaniemi on 20–26 March 2023.  

ihttps://www.arcticdesignweek.fi/                                          https://arcticdesigncapital.fi/ 


Further information available from: 

Design Manager Taina Torvela, Business Rovaniemi, tel. +358 40 135 0361


This is Arctic Design

  • Bold and creative problem-solving using new knowledge and technology
  • Efficient solutions that use scarce resources wisely
  • Sustainable development and responsibility at the core – respect for natural resources and biodiversity developed in demanding conditions
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