About design

Design is the power of change

About design

Design is the power of significant change and enhanced success.  It aids renewal and helps discover practical and functional solutions, procedures, products and services. Strategic use of design aims at competitive growth and globalisation.

Design encompasses a wide range of different design sectors, comprising professionals who create something new and sustainable on the basis of knowledge and customer understanding.

Design is for everyday use and festivity. Various parts of life. A way of working that helps society, enterprises, organisations and professionals for the development and improvement of communities, environments, products and services.

Design belongs to everyone. It touches everyone.

Arctic Design

Arctic design provides tools for the sustainable and responsible development of the Arctic region. It takes into account the often extreme northern conditions, makes everyday life easier, helps coping, and respects the sensitive Arctic nature.

Good examples of products to ease everyday life and that are important for living in Arctic conditions are the kick-sled, guksi carved wooden mugs, Sámi footwear, and the snow shovel. Increasingly common digital services that assist everyday life, such as remote health services.

Design Challenge

The aim for the Design Challenge is to broaden the concept of design and the ways in which in can be used in business. The Design Challenge will create and initiate public discussion about design and design in everyday life is highlighted.

The Design Challenges seeks organisations undergoing change, enterprises in their growth stage and with new ventures, and disclosure of city decisions for citizens from concrete perspectives.


Arctic Design Week undertakes to highlight design research on its programme and website. Research papers are selected from supply to programme planning, with the attempt of bring new information to those interested in design.